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10 Things to Locate Before a Health Crisis Hits

When parents are handling daily routines fairly well adult children don’t think much about needing to know the location of their parents’ important documents. [...]

Luther Manor Receives Safe Resident Assistance Grant

Safety and abundant life are the most important things we provide to our residents and their families. Recently, Luther Manor received an endowment grant [...]

Prescription Drugs for Seniors to Avoid

Prescription drugs, oftentimes, get more plentiful and complicated as we get older and it makes good sense to ask questions of our doctors and [...]

9 Frequently Asked Questions About Life Plan Communities

For those looking at moving into a Life Plan Community (CCRC), questions abound and research is necessary. Fortunately, the questions asked are common and [...]

A New Approach to Senior Health & Fitness

A recent study has shown that senior adults are becoming less and less healthy overall. More and more retirement communities are working to combat [...]

Survival Tips for Moving Your Senior Loved One

The idea of moving can be both exciting and daunting for almost everyone. When we're asked to move our parents or grandparents, however, the [...]


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