How Can Senior Living Also Be a Blessing to Adult Children?

How Can Senior Living Also Be a Blessing to Adult Children?

The decision to move your aging parent into an assisted living facility is never an easy choice. It may be the best care option available, but sometimes you can’t avoid feeling guilty and worried that they might resent your decision.

It’s natural for adult children to feel a sense of guilt for moving an elderly parent into a senior living solution. You’ll question whether you’re doing the right thing – Will they be happy? Will they be well cared for?

The most important thing is to remember, it’s in the best interest of your parent. With all the advantages that assisted living has to offer, here are 6 reasons to stop feeling guilty.

  1. Social Circle. If your parent is isolated at home, at a senior living community they’ll revitalize their spirit with a social network of their peers, group activities, games, outings, moving screenings, plays, and picnics. Your loved ones may have more of a social calendar than you!
  2. Home Sweet Home. Senior communities are built with comfort and independence in mind. They look more like apartments or condominiums, making it easier for your loved one to move into.
  3. On-site Help. While independent living is intended for those who don’t require a great deal of medical care, Life Plan Communities like Luther Manor have on-site health care staff and promote healthy living solutions so residents can continue to prosper and prolong their good health through healthy eating options and exercise classes, to name a few. As your parent needs assistance with eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, there is high-quality help available.
  4. No More Chores. Communities offer meal plans, housekeeping, and laundry service. While the idea is for your parent to remain as independent as possible, these services assist them in the daily activities they may have been neglecting at home.
  5. Safe and Sound. With security systems and onsite personnel, your parent doesn’t have to worry about neighborhood break-ins or unwanted solicitors. Senior living facilities provide 24-hour safety and security so day or night, help is only a phone call away if your parent needs assistance.
  6. You Get To Be a Son/Daughter Again. With the first five of this list being true, and Mom or Dad being happy, engaged and safe and sound, you don’t need to play the role of caregiver. They get to be Mom or Dad. You get to be their kid again!

No matter how desperately you may want to do everything possible to keep your parents in their home or find a way to provide the care they need in your home, this is not always an option. An aging parent may require specialized care and attention that you are not able to provide or may need more assistance throughout the day than your work schedule will allow.

When these emotions come up and you feel guilty about your elder care decision, remind yourself that just like your parent spent your younger years making the best possible decisions for you based on the information they had and the options available, you need to make the best possible senior care decision for your parent.

“What a Relief”: A Daughter’s View of Senior Living

When Michelle’s parents made the move to Luther Manor she felt a huge sense of relief. Instead of watching them struggle, she began to see them thrive!